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Rail Fastener System

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What is Rail Fastening System?

Rail fastening system is composed of main parts of the rail structure for connecting steel rails with sleepers, also known as rail fastening parts. Rail fastening system functions by fixing the rail on the sleeper, maintain the gauge and prevent the rail from moving longitudinally and laterally relative to sleeper. And it provides enough elastics to make up for deficency of conceret sleeper. So rail fastening system must be satisfied with reqiurments of strength, durability and certain elasticity. It  keeps reliable connection of steel rail and sleeper. The fastening system has developed to be easy to install and disassemble with less accessories in recent years.

Rail Fastening Common Types

Rail Fastening System Types: E-clip Fastening, P Fast Clip Fastening, Tension Clamp Fastening, Bolt Clamp Fastening, Tack Joint and Chairs Fastening, and Steel Spring Keyed rail in Chair Fastening

Rail Fastening System Solutions AGICO Can Offer

AGICO supplies rail fastening systems for standard railway lines, high-speed railway lines, heavy freight transport, underground systems,metro system, etc. Our rail fastening systems are widely applied for various railway structures: ballasted railway with concrete sleeper and wooden sleeper; none ballasted railway-paved concrete track.

Railway Fastening System Solution

Professional rail fastening solutions and high quality fastening parts for safety of customers’ different projects. More over our rail fastening systems has been used and tested in many project of extreme weather and geographic conditions, with the effort of hard working AGICO Team, all systems has showed long and stable service life with comparatively low cost.

According to customer needs, AGICO offers rail fastening system as parts in different packages or partly pre-assembled for easier installation at the site. You can easily press the tension clamp or rail clip into the hole to make the fastening system work, no extra procedure needed during installation and maintenance.

According to various rail fastening clip and clamp parts required, most popular rail fastening systems vastly used are: E Clip Rail Fastening System, N Clip Rail Fastening System, SKL Clip Rail Fastening System, KPO Clamp Rail Fastening System.

4 Common Rail Fastening Systems

E Clip Rail Fastening System Specifications:

Part name  E clip Shoulder  Rail pad  Insulator
Quantity 2 2 1 2
Type Dia. 16mmDia. 18mmDia. 20mm UIC54,UIC60, 115RE,50kg rail, 60kg rail,BS80lbs,BS100lbs and size as customer required.
Material  60Si2MnA, 60Si2CrA,55SiMn QT500-7 QT450-10 HDPE, EVA, or rubber Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66)
Finish Plain oiled, color painting, or the other custom finish  Plain oiled, color painting  Black or other colors Black, blue, yellow, green or other colors
E Type Clip Fastening System

Application: The E-Clip System is typically produced from 20mm bar, generates up to 1,250kgf nominal toe load and has been widely adopted for heavy haul axles up to 40 tonnes. AGICO give professional advice on choosing pad and insulator materials, due to influence of environmental and operating conditions. Generally HDPE, TPE or PU is preferred material for high axle loads application. Read more about E Clip Rail Fastening System

N Clip Rail Fastening System

Part name  Quantity Type Material  Finish Remark
N clip 2 Thickness 4mm or 4.5mm 60Si2MnA, 60Si2CrA Plain oiled, red color painting, or the other required by customers  Hardness: 42-47HRCFatigue
life: 3 millions cycles without breaking
Standard: DIN17221, GB/T1222
Insulator 2 UIC54, UIC60, S49 rails  Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66) Black, blue, yellow, green or other colors Different designs are available. 
Double end screw spike 2 UIC54, UIC60, 50kg rail, 60kg rail Grade 5.6: 35# Plain oiled, black oxide, galvanized, hot dip galvanized Bending at 30 degree without crack. 
Special spring washer 2 18.25×34×78mm ML08Al For protecting the thread of the double end screw spike
Hex nut 2 As ordered Grade 5: 35# Standard: DIN985
Plain washer 2 As ordered Q235 Standard: DIN125
N Clip Fastening System

Application: N Fastening System is widely used in European and Africa countries for railway construction. It is compliant with EN13481-5 standard. The N fastening system consists the following items: N Clip: The N Clip is made up of alloy spring steel according to NF F50-015 standard Insulator: This insulator is specially designed for the N Clip, we also call it support pad; High strength double end screw spike with nut and washer.

SKL Clip Rail Fastening System

Part name  Quantity Type Material  Finish Remark
SKL14 tension clip 2 Dia. 13mm  60Si2CrA, 38Si7 Plain oiled, color painting, or the other required ones.  Hardness: 42-47HRC
Fatiguetest: When the clip spring deflection reaches 9.1mm and the swingdeflection is 1.42mm, the fatigue life will be 5 millions cycles withoutbreaking.
Standard: DIN17221, GB/T1222
Ss35 screw spike  2 M24×150mm Grade 4.6: Q235 Plain oiled, black oxide, galvanized, hot dip galvanized, Dacromet and sherardized  Standard: ISO898-1, UIC864-1 and NF F500-50
M24 ×160mm Grade 5.6: 35#
M24×180mm Grade 8.8: 45#
Plain washer 2 Uls7 Q235 Standard: EN10025, EN10139
Plastic dowel 2 For different sizes of screw spike  HDPE, Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66) Black, blue, yellow, green or other color For insert into concrete sleeper 
Guide plate  2 UIC54, UIC60, 50kg rail, 60kg rail, and other sizes as ordered Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66) Different designs are available. Different designs are available.
Rail pad 1 UIC54,UIC60, and size as ordered EVA, or rubber

Read More about SKL12 Rail Fastening Systems

SKL 21 Rail Fastening System

Application: SKL Rail Fastening System meet all the requirements of Tram line and general line and turnout area. Sleeper is not needed with top-down construction method. It is feasible in open track, also in embedded track. Easy installation, Gauge adjustment (+/-10mm), height regulation (+20mm), static stiffness (>30KN/mm), different stiffness of rail pads will be supplied according customer requirement.

KPO Clamp Rail Fastening System

Part name  Quantity Type Material  Finish Remark
KPO clip 2 KPO3, KPO6, KPO9 Q235 Plain oiled Standard: DIN5906
HS bolt 4 HS26, HS32 Grade4.6: Q235 Plain oiled, black oxide, galvanized, hot dip galvanized Diameter: 22mm or 24mm.
Grade5.6: 35# Length: 55mm, 65mm, 75mm, 90mm
Grade8.8: 45# Standard: UIC864-2
Hex nut 2 As ordered Grade 5: 35# Standard: DIN985
Grade 8: 45#
Double coil spring washer 2 As ordered 65Mn Standard: UIC864-3
screw spike  2 M24×150mm Grade 4.6: Q235 Plain oiled, black oxide, galvanized, hot dip galvanized, Dacromet and sherardized.  Standard: ISO898-1, UIC864-1 and NF F500-50
M24 ×160mm Grade 5.6: 35#
M24 ×180mm Grade 8.8: 45#
or other length as ordered  
Base plate 1 UIC54,UIC60, 50kg rail, 60kg rail,S49 in ordered size  Casting iron QT500-7, QT450-10, or forging low carbon steel or high carbon steel Plain oiled Standard: UIC864-6
KPO Clamp Fastening System

Application: KPO rail fastening system is made up of Baseplate, Clamping plate, Clip bolt, Sleeper screw, Spring washer, baseplate size varies for different rail sections. KPO clamp rail fastening system can suit various rail track such as UIC54, UIC60, 50KG, 60KG, S49. It is very popular in the Europe market.

Buy Rail Fastening Parts:

Rail fastening system is not supplied as a whole set, AGICO can supply fastening parts separately. We supply the baseplate, rail clip, rail spike(dog spike and screw spike), rail bolt, spring washer. You can customize your order with the help of rail fastener professional.

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