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What is Insulated Rail Joints

Glued Rail Insulated JointInsulated Rail Joints

Insulated Rail Joint is a special rail joint for track circuit, railway track portion need to be monitored with track circuit, insulated rail joint helps isolate electric current from rail tracks for each track circuit. In railway tracks, it is required for insulated rail joint to be installed at each track end part and crossings. While it doesn’t apply to in railways with Audio and High frequency Track Circuit.

High efficiency of the insulating rail joint install can be achieved in many ways: since the installation is not subject to changes in weather, insulating rail joint can be directly installed on-site in the track with very short time.

Why Choose Insulated Rail Joint from AGICO Rail

  • Available for many flat bottom rail and grooved rail profiles
  • Available as reinforced plate or fishplate
  • Fishplates available in variants with 4 or 6 holes
  • Resistance to pulling-up due to traction
  • Possibility of rail ends hardening in joint area

Types of Insulated Rail Joints

Glued Type Insulated Rail Joint

Different types of insulated rail joint are developed for different rail sections. There are three types of Insulated rail joints or Block joints which are presently in use as given below.

  • Wooden Rail Joint - Which are made wood with special treatment and used in yards where speed of train is slow.
  • Plastic Rail Joint- Raw material of plastic rail joint is mostly Nylon 66. They are also called Nylon insulated rail joint.
  • Glued Insulated Rail Joint – It has been designed for use in main line for high speed trains. It can avoid failures of insulation joints particularly in long welded rails. There are two types of glued joints: 4 holes and 6 holes.

One nylon insulated rail joint requires following components.

Insulated Rail Joint Structure
  • Fish plate bolt & Nut - 4.
  • Bush - 8.
  • Backing Plate - 4.
  • Insulating Plate - 4 .
  • End Post - 1.
  • Right hand side channel plate - 2.
  • Left hand side channel plate - 2.
  • Fish plate - 2.
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