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Steel Sleeper

Steel Sleeper for Fast Clip Fastening System

Wide Range Steel Sleepers from AGICO

Steel Sleepers manufactured by AGICO has wide range of application, from metre gauge railways to mainline and heavy haul freight routes, AGICO can produce steel sleepers according to UIC 865 and BS 500-2000, steel material and steel sleeper length can be customized according to customer requirements.

Steel Sleeper Fastening

UIC-865 Steel Sleeper Specification

UIC-865 Serie Steel Sleeper
Grade Standard Material Length
according to customer requirement
according to customer requirement

BS-500 Steel Sleeper Specification:

BS-500 Series Steel Sleeper
Grade Standard Material Length
BS75A  BS 500-2000
according to customer requirement
 according to customer requirement

Why Steel Sleeper is Becoming Popular:

Steel sleeper product are made to meet modern operational demands and track-laying methods, so it can be used for different types of rail tracks. It shows 2 advantages compared with concrete and wooden sleeper:  fastening of rail track and sleeper is optimized and it is more efficient with less maintenance work;  another advantage is it requires less ballast than concrete sleeper and it is much lighter, so the delivery, construction and renewing of sleepers is more cost efficient.
Steel Sleepers for Sale

Advantages of Steel Sleepers:

  • Time and cost savings at installation due to reduced ballast requirement
  • Ease of handling as a result of lightweight design
  • Reduced maintenance through improved track stability
  • Environmental benefits due to recyclability of steel

Is Steel Sleeper Better than Concrete and Wooden Sleeper?

For different areas the answer to this question may be slightly different, climate and corrosion of the environment shall be considered for steel in the long period, would get rusted, so if the climate will not accelerate the corrosion speed, it is fine to use steel sleeper, and it can be solved by upgrade steel material.

The only disadvantage of steel sleeper is price, its much higher than concrete and wooden sleeper. For General use, steel sleepers from AGICO can meet the requirements of general use, and more technology are being developed for steel sleeper production, steel sleeper will take place of concrete sleeper in more applications.

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