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460 set RS 80a rail fish plates export to Malaysia

BS 80A Fish Plate for Malaysia Railway Project

Great news, AGICO supplied 460 set of railroad fish plate and bolts to a Malaysia customer, which will be used in a local railway project. We have produced rail fishplate and fish bolt and nut product customized for this special order.

What is the function of railway fastener – fishplate and rail bolt

Fish plate and rail bolt works as a fastener group in steel rail connection, with fish plate and bolt steel rails can be connected easily and safely, as the name implies its traditional shape looks like a fish, and here are the functions of fishplate:

BS Railway Fish Plate ProductionBS Railway Fish Plate Production
BS 80A Rail BoltBS 80A Rail Bolt
  • Connect steel rails to keep top table and gauge face on the same line.
  • Reduce the load on the steel rails by transferring load to different steel rails.
  • Create vertical and lateral stiffness to rail joint\
  • Leave a space for length change while temperature rises, keep the railway line straight.

Railway Fishplate Specifications:

BS 80 Rail Fish Plate
Rail Fastener Quotation 1 Fishplate
Sizes BS 80A fish plate
Materials 50# steel
Unit weight 6.63kg
Quantity per set 2pcs

BS 80A Fish Bolt Specifications:

BS 80A Fish Bolt for Sale
Rail Fastener Quotation 2 Fish Bolt
Sizes BS 80A fish bolts
Materials 45# steel grade 8.8 or 40Cr steel grade 10.9
Unit weight 0.534kg
Quantity per set 1pce per set bolt and nut

Nut of BS 80A Fish Bolt Specifications:

Rail Fastener Quotation 3 Nut
Sizes Nut of BS 80A fish bolts
Materials 45# steel grade 8.8 or Q235
Unit weight 0.12kg
Quantity per set 1pce set bolt and nut 

Certificate of RS 80A Railway Fish Plate and Bolt

BS 80A Fish Plate DrawingBS 80A Fish Plate Drawing
inspection Report of Type 80 Fish PlateInspection Report of Type 80 Fish Plate

Other Railway Fish Plate Supplied by AGICO

Standard(according to countries) Size
GB standard (China) 43KG, 50KG, 60KG, 75KG
AREMA standard (USA) 115RE, 119RE, 132/136RE, 141RE, 100-8, 122CB
AS standard (Australia) 31KG, 41/47KG, 50KG, 53KG, 60KG,
68KG, NIJ-721, NIJ-722, 60AS, 85AS
BS standard (UK) BS75R, BS80A, BS90A, BS100A, BS113A
UIC (International Union of Railways) standard UIC54, UIC60
Brazilian standard (Brazil) TJ57, TJ ASCE 90, TJ UIC60
Peruvian standard (Peru) 75LBS A.S.C.E, 75 LBS BSS, 80 LBS A.S.C.E, TJ BS80A
African standard (Africa) 85LB, 85LB-80LB

If you are interested in buying railway fasteners, fishplate, fish bolt, or rail clips, feel free to contact AGICO now, we will provide the best product with best service.

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