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UIC54 fishplate and bolt order from indonesia customer

R54 UIC54 Fishplate Export to Indonesia

Order Details of UIC54 Fishplate and Bolt

Customer from Indonesia ordered UIC54 rail fishplate and bolts from AGICO in January 2018, this batch of railway products were required of series of test and certifications for it would be used in maintenance of Indonesia national railway project. The order includes following items: R54 rail fishplate and fish bolt according to UIC54 standard, quantity:2000 pcs/4560 sets.

UIC54 Fishplate Product and Package Details

Rail Elastic Clip Products

Fish Bolts Product and Package Details

Fish Bolt for R54 Fishplate

What railway products AGICO can produce

-AGICO Can Supply Commen Standard Parts

AGICO manufactures common standard railway fasteners like the elastic clip, rail bolt, fish plate, rail shoulder, rail anchor, screw spike,dog spike, plastic dowel, rail pad, washer, nylon insulator, all these railway product are available in British standard, German standard, China standard and other Countries standards.

-AGICO Can Supply Customized Parts

AGICO has ability to manufacture railway product according to customer drawings and give product samples to you before mass production for free, each order will be produced after customer has confirmed the drawing has no error.

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