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AGICO Rail Fish Plate

Rail Joint Bar,Rail Fish Plate

Rail Joints, other names are railway fish plate and splice bar, joint bar and angle bar. it is a metal joint bar functions by connecting the ends of two rails sectoins together with rail bolt. Rail fish plate can increase the continuity and steadiness for track sections when the train is passing through by largely reduce the impact of wheels to the jointing sections of the rail tracks. This rail connectiong component is a key part for railroad transportation safety insurance.

BS Rail Fish Plate

AGICO Railway Factory has more than 30 years of technology in manufacturing rail fish plate in almost all standards, and we have exported all types of fish plate for various applications, Quality has been tested and approved by South American, European and Southeast Asian markets and in China mainland.We have the capability to manufacture all types of rail fish plate to suit all types of rail sections, such as UIC 60, UIC 54, U33, BS 80A, BS 90A, IRS 52 KG, IRS 90 Lbs, 115 RE, 136 RE, TJ 45, TJ 37, RN 45, etc.

Supplying fish plate according to international standards such as BS, ASTM and DIN, and others. also known asWe have equipment for rolling, forging, machining, and drilling and punching to customize rail fish plate size for drawings supplied by customer.

Main Types for Fish Plates

Normal Fish Plate

Normail Rail Fish Plate

We offer 4 holed or 6 holed fish plate to suit 60 kg, UIC, 54 kg UIC, 52 kg UIC, 52 kg, 90A, 90R, 80A, 80'O', 88'O', 75R, 60R, 115 RE, 132 RE, 50R rails, etc.

Joggled Fish Plate

Joggled (Bulge)Fish Plate

This product is a specially forged fish plate. It is suitable for the temporary repair of cracked welded rail joints with clamp assembly to suit various rail sections. Used as an emergency clamp, joggled fish plate enables quick and temporary repair, allowing continued movements through the section at a reduced line speed. AGICO production capablity can meet your ergent order with in short times.

AGICO can manfacture more than 30 types of rail joint fish plate, which can be applicated in light rail, heavy rail and crane rails.

Fish Plate Application
Rail joints for light rail 8kg, 9kg, 12kg, 15kg, 18kg, 22kg, 24kg and 30kg
Rail joints for heavy rail 38kg, 43kg, 50kg and 60kg
Rail joints for crane rail QU70, QU80, QU100 and QU120

Compromise Fish Plates

Compromised Fish Plate

We produce specially designed fish plates to join two different rail sections of rail tracks for various customers when they require them.

Hot Fish Plate from AGICO:

Standard Type Length/Diameter Weight /Material
AREMA 2007 115RE 4 hole-24" 17.04Kg 45# chemical
115RE 6 hole-36" 25.56Kg composition(%):
132-136RE 4 hole-24" 17.75Kg C: 0.42-0.50
132-136RE 6 hole-36" 26.63Kg Mn: 0.50-0.80
UIC864 UIC60 4 hole-630/Φ26 18.07Kg Si: 0.17-0.37
UIC60 4 hole-600/Φ28 17.47Kg Cr: ≤0.25
UIC60 4 hole-630/Φ25 18.1Kg P: ≤0.035
UIC54 4 hole 14.34Kg S: ≤0.035
UIC54 6 hole-800 19.94Kg  
BS 47-1 BS75R 4 hole 6.56Kg  
BS60A 4 hole 5.61Kg  
BS80A 4 hole 6.5Kg  
BS90A 685.8/Φ26 13.23Kg 50# chemical
BS90A 792.9/Φ26.2 15.34Kg composition(%):
BS100A 4 hole   C: 0.62-0.70
  90/91LB 4 hole 18.08Kg Mn: 0.50-0.80
90/91LB 6 hole 19.9Kg Si: 0.17-0.37
AS 50kg 4 hole 14.3Kg Cr: ≤0.25
50kg 6 hole 19.5Kg P: ≤0.035
  S49 4 hole 9.71Kg S: ≤0.035
Rail Elastic Clip Products

We supply the best fishplates for following standards!

Fishplate for UIC Standard Steel Rail
Steel Rail Type Steel Rail Weight (KG/M) Fishplate Standard Fishplate Material
UIC54 54.43 UIC 45#,55#
UIC60 60.34
Fishplate for BS Standard Steel Rail
BS50'O' 24.833   BS 47-1


   European Grade 700         

BS60A 30.618
BS75R 37.041
BS80A 39.761
BS90A 45.099 
BS100A 50.182
BS113A 56.398 
Joint Bar for AREMA 2007 Standard Steel Rail 
100RE(TR50) 50.35 AREMA 2007   


AREMA Grade Steel

115RE  56.9 
132RE  65.31
133RE 66.1
136RE  67.41
Fishplate For Chinese Standard Steel Rail
GB15KG 15.2 YB226-63     Q235,45#
GB18KG 18.06  YB225-63
GB22KG 22.3 YB14-63
GB24KG 24.46
GB30KG 30.1  YB351-63
GB38KG 38.733 TB/T 2345-2008     45#,55#
GB43KG 44.653 
GB50KG 51.514

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