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Crane rail clips

Rail Fasteners for Crane Rail

The crane rail clip: also known as the welding type crane rail clip, the welded rail fixing device, the steel beam railing device, the welded type pressure plate, no matter what the name is, the only one is to press the fixed rail. Usually welded on I-beams and sometimes on steel plates pre-buried in concrete.

Type and material of the crane rail clip

The crane rail clip can be divided into WJK, SWJK, HWJK series TG38, TG43, TG50, TG60, QU70, QU80, QU100, QU120 by the base, the upper cover, the wearing shaft, and the flat washer.

Rail Elastic Clip Products

Crane Rail Clip is also classified into 2 types: Welded Type and Bolted Type, welded rail clip is composed of 5 parts: Nut, Hardened washer, Clip cap with integral rubber block, M2O Captive Bolt, Weldable Base. Bolted Type rail clip is made up of 2: special washer,Clip with integral rubber block.

  • Bolted Type: 3224/ 3112/ 3116/ 3120/ 3124
  • Welded Type: 9124 /9116 /9120/ 9220/ 1116/ 1216
  • Rail Pad: Mk2/ Mk7
  • Applicable Rail Type: A65/ A100/ A120/ JIS37/ JIS50/ JIS60/ QU80/ QU70/ QU120/ UIC54/ UIC60 etc

Rail Clip Material:

There are two types of crane rail clip materials:

  1. Semi-cast steel: the upper cover is ductile iron and the base is cast steel.
  2. Full cast steel: the upper cover and the base are cast steel.

Rail Clip Standard:

Rail Clamp of GB Standard Crane Rails

Crane rail clip for rail type TG24 TG38 TG43 TG50 QU70 QU80 QU100 QU120 welded track rail is mainly used for fixing the steel beam track of the factory. The material and standard of the fixings:

  1. The upper cover plate, the base plate and the adjustment plate are ZG270-500. The material conforms to the provisions of 5676-85. The lost wax is used for precision casting. The grade II grade, the dimensional deviation meets the requirements of JZ67-2II precision.
  2. Bolts and nuts are Q235BF steel parts, mechanical properties and chemical composition GB700-88. The surface accuracy of bolts is 12.5. The nuts meet the requirements of GB 6170-86.
  3. The flat washer is Q235AF steel, and the production requirements are in accordance with GB97.1-85.
  4. The spring washer is 65Mn or 60si2Mn steel, the material meets the requirements of 1222-84, and the production requirements are in accordance with the provisions of GB93-87.

Other Crane Rail Fasteners:

Crane Rail Fastener Installation Diagram
  • GANTREX and GANTRAIL clip fixing systems
  • GANTREX and GANTRAIL elastomers pad & steel reinforced resilient pad
  • Continuous steel tie plate & non-continuous steel tie plate
  • Crane rails under different standard
  • Various standard & non-standard track accessories
  • Aluminum heat welding
  • Provide track design and installation technical services
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