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Customized fishplate and rail clamp

Thailand Fishplate Order Details:

In March of 2018, AGICO received a ergent order for metra railway line, railway products include: rail clamping devices and “T” type UIC60 rail fish plates of Thermit welded joints.

UIC60 Customized Fishplate
  • Rail Clamp for Fishplate
    This is not a custom rail clamp used to fasten steel rails to rail sleepers, it is designed for fasten fishplate, steel rail and rail sleepers, here are samples supplied by AGICO for installation.
  • Fishplate used for Thermit welded joint
    Thermal welded joints are mostly used in railways with seamless steel rails, although seamless steel rails have better mechanical properties than normal railway tracks, use fishplate with welded rail joints would offer enough safety level before railway track problems are solved.  

Fishplate and Rail Clamp Install Samples:

Rail Clamp Install SampleRail Clamp Install
Rail Clamp With Bolts Rail Clamp with Bolts
Rail Fishplate Install SampleFishplate Install

Why use Fishplate joint when rail joint welding is applicated

Metro Railway Line in Thailand
  • It is easy to disassemble the joint for maintenance
  • The joint allows rails to slide lengthways with fluctuations in temperature
  • The system is more tolerant to ballast deficiencies
  • The system is suited to lighter sleepers

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