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Type II rail fastener system

Type II Elastic Clip Fastening System Details:

Type II Rail Fastening System
  • Fastener Parts:
    The type I elastic clip fastening system consists of a nut, a flat washer, an II-type elastic rail clip, a gauge baffle, a rail plastic insulator, a screw spike, and a rail pad.
  • Application:
    The type II fastener system is suitable for the standard gauge railroad straight line and the 60kg/m steel rails and concrete sleepers with the curve radius less than 300m.

Fastener Parts Mechanical Requirement:

  • Each set of fasteners buckle pressure ≥ 20 kN;
  • The longitudinal resistance of rails for each set of fasteners is not less than 9kN;
  • The fastener system shall not be damaged after 3 million load cycles, and the gauge length shall be less than 6 mm;
  • The left and right position adjustment of single steel rail: -8 ~ +6 mm, gauge adjustment: -16 ~ +12 mm; rail height adjustment: 10mm;
Type II Elastic Clip

Type II Elastic Clip Fastening System Working Principle:

In order to increase the strength and buckle pressure of rail clip, high quality spring steel 60SiCrVA was selected as the material of type II rail clip, and the yield strength and tensile strength were increased by 42% and 36%. Based on the optimized design of the elastic strip, the diameter of the elastic strip is finally determined to be the same as that of the type I fastener, still being 13 mm. Elastic type II fasteners have the advantages of large buckle pressure, large strength and safety reserves, and small residual deformation. Except for the redesign of the elastic clip using new materials, the rest of the components are universal with the type I fastener of the elastic bar, still with a rail shoulder and a bolt fastener.

Type II Rail Fastener System Structure

The use of high-quality elastic steel as the material for type II rail clip has increased the yield strength and tensile strength by 42% and 36% over that of type I fasteners, and the diameter of the elastic clips has not changed. Type II fasteners have the advantages of large buckle pressure, large strength and safety reserves, and small residual deformation, and are suitable for 60 kg/m rails and type II or III concrete sleepers. The elastic clip is an important component of the type II fastener system. It is mainly used for prestressed concrete sleeper track with 60kg/m steel rail laid on the straight track of standard gauge railway and radius R≥300M. Its operating conditions are: annual passing gross weight 60Mt.km/km~100Mt.km/km; locomotive axle. The weight is not more than 250Kn; the speed of the truck is not more than 120km/h; the speed of the bus is not more than km/h; the initial buckle pressure of a single elastic clip is not more than 10.0Kn; the span is 10mm.

In the original use of the I-bar fastener section, the original I-type fastener clip can be replaced with a type II rail clip, suitable for 60, 50 kg / m rails, except for the use of new material design, other components and The elastic type I fastener elastic range is increased from 8mm to 10mm, and the initial buckle pressure is increased from 8.2kN to 10kN. The type II fastener clip has a single elastic buckle pressure of 10kN and a span of 10mm; the static stiffness of the rubber pad under the rail is 55-80 (general area) and 40-60kN/mm (rail joint area). In terms of ensuring the gauge distance and preventing crawling of rails, it shows great advantages and can be laid on heavy-duty and speed-up lines.

Why use Type II Elastic Clip Fastening System:

The elastic type II fastener is developed for the lack of elastic type I fasteners. The Research Institute of the Ministry of Railways and the professional design institute jointly developed elastic type II and type III fasteners that are compatible with the new type of sleeper. Design parameters: single elastic buckle pressure is not less than 10KN, elastic range (ie, elastic deformation) is not less than 10mm, which is approximately 30% higher than that of Type I fasteners; components are subjected to transverse fatigue load cycle of 2 million times with no damage.

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