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What do you know about concrete sleeper manufacturing process

What Is A Concrete Sleeper

A concrete sleeper or concrete tie is a type of railway sleeper or railroad tie made out of steel reinforced concrete. It is the important track component which can fix and support steel rail, and withstand the pressure transmitted by the rail. Concrete sleeper is increasingly used in the railway due to wood shortage after World War II. It has been a common component in contemporary railway system because of their low cost, excellent durability, simplicity of construction, and ease of maintenance.

AGICO is one of Chinese leading railway fastener manufacturers, producing a large number of concrete sleepers every year. AGICO supplies high-quality concrete sleepers for some of the most demanding applications around the world. Our products have been exported to many countries such as America, Canada, Britain and some other countries and regions. 

Concrete Sleeper Manufacturing Process

Concrete sleeper is playing an increasingly important role in the railway system.
So it is very necessary for us to know the concrete sleeper manufacturing process. Our AGICO concrete sleeper manufacturing process include following important steps. Now, let us discuss it in detail together.
  • We should prepare the molds.

At the beginning of manufacturing process, we are supposed to get molds ready. You have to make the molds into required shapes and sizes if they are  produced for the first time. When you have their molds, you can reuse the molds to produce sleepers. Clean and prepare the mold for the casting concrete. Add lubricant on the inner sides of molds to reduce and avoid sticky action of concrete.
  • The strands are tightened by a hydraulic jack.

After cleaning and adding lubricat for the molds, strands or cables are cut into the required shape and puted into the molds. These strands are fixed at both ends by anchors. The strands are tensioned by a hydraulic jack, then anchors are tightened.
  • Concrete is poured into the molds. 

Concrete is premixed and poured into the molds, then, compact the concrete properly by table vibrators and fill the required shape with a uniform mixture distribution. When we complete the concreting process and the next step is to steam curing.
  • The molds with concrete are cured in steam.

The molds with the concrete are cured in steam for at least 11-12 hours, as shown in the following table. This process can enable concrete to get strength and consistency.
Presteaming 30°C 2 hours
Rising period 70°C 2 hours ( 20°C rise per hr)
Constant period 70°C 4 1⁄2 hours
Cooling period 30°C ( slowly decrease
temperature from 70°C )
2 1⁄2 hours
Total   11 hours
                          This table is based on a study of manufacturing unit in solapur.
  • These molds with concrete are removed.

After curing for at least 11 hours, you can remove molds by a trench or machinery for further process. But we need to be careful to separate them during removal. These molds can also be reused.
  • Wet curing to increase the strength of concrete.

Wet curing is an important step for concrete, which can improve the strength, durability, stability of concrete, extend its service life, and thus reduce maintenance costs.
As shown in the above figure, these concrete sleepers are kept for at least 14 days to get strength and durability.
  • They are tested and transported to the site.

We ought to make sampling inspections, tests and checks of concrete sleepers to ensure their quality. Their numbers are paint on the side of surfaces.  Steel plates are fixed on concrete sleepers according to the gauge length. And then, they are transported to the site and laid on the track.

Concrete Sleeper Stock For Sale

AGICO is the approved railway fasteners manufacturer by China's Railway Ministry and has been ISO9001-2008 certified, producing a large number of railway fasteners like concrete sleeper, steel sleeper, rail joint, steel rail, rail clip and other related fasteners for railway construction.
Guided by the principle of "quality first", we have established a dedicated testing center to conduct strict quality control at every stage of the production process, from raw material procurement, production, transportation, to after-sales service. Quality inspectors strictly monitor the production of each product

according to the corresponding quality control system. Concrete sleepers produced by AGICO have long service life and very good longitudinal and lateral resistance in the ballast. We sincerely seek reliable cooperators abroad. Welcome to contact us.
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