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Advantages of wooden sleepers


The Introduction of wooden sleepers

Wooden sleeper is one kind of railway sleepers which has a vital role in railway construction. It is made of wood elements, also known as wooden railway sleeper, wood railroad tie and timber sleeper. The wooden sleeper is the basic component of the railway track, used to support the rails and fastened by common rail fasteners like rail clip, railroad spike, railroad tie plate. The wooden sleeper has the advantages of good elasticity, easy processing, and convenient use. It is considered as best type because it satisfies all the conditions of an ideal sleeper. It has a low initial cost while its maintenance cost is very high.
The wood used to manufacture sleepers requires high strength and good elasticity. As wooden sleepers are easily corroded, and many wooden sleepers need to be treated with anti-corrosion before to extend their service life.

Choose wooden sleeper from AGICO

AGICO is the approved railway fasteners manufacturer by China's Railway Ministry and has been ISO9001-2008 certified, producing a large number of railway fasteners like wooden sleeper, steel sleeper, rail joint, steel rail, rail clip and other related fasteners for railway construction. Guided by the principle of "quality first", we have established a dedicated testing center to conduct strict quality control at every stage of the production process.
We supply a variety of high-quality wooden sleepers for some of the most demanding applications around the world. Our products have been exported to over 50 countries such as America, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Britain and some other countries and regions. 

Wooden Sleeper for Normal Railway Line

Common wooden sleeper is used in the main line of railway track. GB standard has 2 types: type I with 16cm×22cm×250cm; type II with 14.5cm×20cm×250cm.


Type Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
KTMB  2000(±12) 254(+12,0) 127(+11,-3)
type Ⅰ 2500(±60)  220(±10)  160(0,-5)
type Ⅱ 2500(±60)  220(±10)  145(0,-5)
Standard 2600~4800(±60) 240(±10)  160(0,-5)

The advantages of wooden sleepers

Our wooden sleeper is mainly made of southern pine or Mongolian pine, they have much more advantages as follows, let us take a close look at them.

  • The big advantage of the wooden sleeper is its adaptability.

The wooden railway sleeper can be fitted in all types and widths of track. Moreover it is suitable for heavy loads. It can be used in many different ground conditions and lies well on all standards of ballast(gravel).
The wooden sleeper is successfully used for long tracks in stations as well as marshalling vards. for tunnels, metal bridges and points systems.

  • The wooden sleeper is an excellent electricity and sound insulator.

The wooden sleeper is recommended for isolated track sections like in tunnels, level crossings as well as under points. The wooden sleeper is used in residential areas and on bridges where it absorbs vibrations and sound emissions.

  • The wooden sleeper have the advantage of good elasticity.

The wooden sleeper have the advantage of good elasticity, it can alleviate the dynamic impact of trains. Poor elasticity can cause additional damage to steel rails and vehicles. Therefore, elasticity is an important property for track structure, they can be used directly without setting elastic pads under the rails.

  • Wooden sleepers absorb shocks and vibration.

The wooden sleepers can absorb shocks and vibration and this ensures a more convenient journey to the passengers than any other Sleepers.

  • Wooden sleepers are easy to manufacture and handle without damage.

The wood can be directly processed into the required wooden sleepers,  they are easy to manufacture for its great availability. In addition, the wooden sleeper has a suitable weight for transportation and handling.

  • Wooden sleepers do not cause damage to the ballast.

The elasticity of the wooden sleeper protects the upper track and the rolling stock, increases the travelling comfort for passengers, reduces damage in the case of derailment, reduces the dynamic effects on the base structure and minimises noise and vibration.

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