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Compromise Joint bar

Compromise Rail Bar or Fish Plate

What is Compromise Joint Bar

Compromise joint bar is a type of none-standard fish plate fabricated for connecting 2 rail tracks of different sizes and drillings, compromise joint bar manufacture technology and fish plate quality has been improved and tested. It functions by providing proper allignment of rails on gauge line and top of head, it is easy to install and is available in standard sizes to meet customer requirement, or you can provide your own drawing and we will produce it for you!

Compromise Bars for Sale

Compromise Joint bar Components:

Compromise joint bar include 2 pieces of bars: outside joint bar and gage side joint bar, when the difference between rail head width is less than 3/16", left hand joint is needed.

136RE_132RE Compromise Joint Profile

Fish Plate Appearance Quality:

  1. The compromise joint bar after rolling should be straight and must not be significantly bent or twisted. The local bending and torsion of the light-heavy rails and their corrective deformation amount, the inclination of the rail end surface, etc., shall not exceed the standards.
  2. The rail surface should be clean and smooth without cracks, scabs, scratches, etc.; its end surface must not have shrink marks and interlayers. The degree of defects and geometrical dimensions allowed for the entire surface of the light-heavy rail must not exceed the standards.

Compromise Joint bar Types

Compromise Angle Bars

Compromise Angle bar is a type of heavy duty bars that are made from high strength, heat-treated steel and accurately machined to fit each special requirement. Angle bars are furnished in pairs for each fish joint.

Cast Compromise Joint

Cast compromise joint has high mechanical properties which made it suitable for heavy impacts services in rail joint. Average rail head wear shall be considered to reduce the maintenance cost. Hot rolled compromise joint is also available and popular in ordinary use for lower production cost.

Compromise Joint Bar Specifications

No. Type Material Unit weight(kg/pc) Remark
1 136RE-115RE 55# 27.5 4pcs per set
2 136RE-132RE 55# 26.7 2pcs per set
3 141RE-136RE 55# 26.7 2pcs per set
4 141RE-132RE 55# 26.7 2pcs per set
5 100-8 of 1/8〞vertical off 55# 15.6 2pcs per set
6 100-8 of 3/8〞vertical off 55# 15.6 2pcs per set
7 UIC60-P50 55# 23 2pcs per set
8 BS80A-115RE 55# 20 2pcs per set
9 UIC60 thermit welded joint 55# 18 2pcs per set
Material and bar length can be customized upon buyer request.

Info Needed for Ordering Compromise Joint

Check both rail sections and specify drilling dimension and position. Number of rail joint bars needed and following dimensions:
  • Distance from end of rail, to center-line of first hole.
  • Distance from center line of first hole to second hole
  • Distance from center line of second hole to third hole
  • bolt sizes or diameter of bolt hole
  • Elevation of bolt hole on none standard rail

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