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Type I Rail fastener system

Type I Elastic Clip Fastening System Details:

Type I Rail Fastening System
  • Fastener Parts:
    The type I elastic clip fastening system consists of a nut, a flat washer, an I-type (A-type, B-type) elastic clip, a gauge baffle, a rail plastic insulator, a screw spike, and a rail pad.
  • Application:
    The type I elastic clip fastener system is suitable for the standard gauge railroad straight line and the 50kg/m, 60kg/m steel rails and concrete sleepers with the curve radius less than 300m.

Fastener Parts Mechanical Requirement:

  • Each set of fasteners buckle pressure ≥ 18 kN;
  • The longitudinal resistance of rails for each set of fasteners is not less than 9kN;
  • The fastener system shall not be damaged after 3 million load cycles, and the gauge length shall be less than 6 mm;
  • the left and right position adjustment of single rail: -8 ~ +6 mm, gauge adjustment: -16 ~ +12 mm; rail height adjustment: 10mm;

Type I Elastic Clip Fastening System Working Principle:

The type I elastic rail fastener system has a shoulder type and is suitable for 50, 60 kg/m steel rails. The fasteners are ω-shaped elastic clips, it is also called ω fastener. Adjust the track gauge with gauge cover and have a certain height adjustment capability. The elastic rail clip is used to elastically press the rail to sleeper, and it is required to maintain a constant buckle pressure and sufficient strength. The ω-shaped elastic clip is made of 60Si2Mn or 55Si2Mn hot-rolled spring steel bar with a diameter of 13mm.

Type I Rail Fastening System
Type B Elastic Rail Clip

There are two types of elastic rail clips, A and B. Among them, the type A rail clip is longer and is used on 50 and 60kg/m rails. The 50kg/m rail is divided into middle and joint types by two types of rail baffles, each is divided into 14 and 20 pairs, for the 50kg/m rail, except the 14th rail gauge baffle mounted on the B-type rail clip, the rest are installed A type elastic bar. 60kg/m rails are only one kind of gauge baffle, and they are divided into 6 and 10, and they are all installed with B-type elastic clips. The purpose of the gauge baffle is to adjust the gauge and transfer the  horizontal thrust of the rail. The rail Nylon insulator is used for supporting the baffle, and the back slope is supported on the shoulder of the sleeper. The rail insulator is required to have a certain strength to bear and transmit horizontal horizontal force, and has sufficient insulation performance to prevent leakage. The thickness of the two inclined planes of the rail insulator can be used interchangeably, and it can also play the role of adjusting the gauge distance.

Advantages of Type I Elastic Clip Fastener System:

Elastic I-type rail fasteners have good elasticity, less pressure loss, and can better maintain the geometric shape of rail track, which has become the main fastener of China concrete sleeper line. It is suitable for standard gauge railway straight lines and curve sections with a radius of ≥300mm and is connected with 50kg/m and 60kg/m steel rails. A-type elastic clip single elastic buckle pressure 8kN, the elastic range of 9mm; B-type elastic single elastic bar buckle pressure 9kN, elastic range 8mm; track under the pad's static stiffness of 90 ~ 120kN / mm. Due to the large buckle pressure, the use of I-type fasteners is without rail anti-climbing equipment, the railway line is stable with I type and it is still widely used.

Specifications of Type I and Type II Rail Fastening Systems:

Fastening type   Type I Rail Clip Type I Rail Clip adjusted   Type II Rail Clip
Fastening Methods   Elastic-not seperated  
Withstand lateral forces  Suspended by the sleeper shoulder  
Rail pad connecting method   Sulfur anchor   rail spike
pull-out resistance of embedded part   not less than 60kN 
Rail Clip Type  A Type  B Type  A Type  ⅡType 
Buckle pressure   force 8 kN  9 kN  8 kN  10 kN 
Stretch range 9 mm  8 mm  9 mm  10 mm 
Fastening method Rail Bolt Fasten  
Tightening torque   About 80 to 120 Nm about 120 to 150 Nm (small radius section) about 100~140 Nm 
Rail longitudinal resistance >7.5 kN  >9 kN 
Rail Pad Set  Single-layer rubber rail pad between rail and sleeper  
Model  60-10-11  60-10-17 60-12-17,  
Size 185×149×10  190×149×10(12) 
  90~120 kN/mm  55~80 kN/mm 
Standard  TB/T2626 
Steel Rail Height   Rail surface height  186mm 
  10 mm  20 mm  10 mm 
Adjust position   Under the rails, adjuast rail pad height 
gauge   adjust amount   -8~+12 mm  -12~+8 mm 
adjust method   Adjust by replacing different numbers of gauge and baffle seats  
adjust level   2mm 
Rail joint processing 60kg/m steel rail, no treatment
Applicable Rail Sleeper Type   Type I and II concrete blocks sleepers Ⅲa concrete blocks sleepers 
Drawing number and standard TB/T 1495  TB 1911  TB/T 3065 
Application conditions   <120 km/h  120~200 km/h 
Conventional resistance section  

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