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Heyback and PR401 Clip Rail Fastening for North Europe

Heyback Rail Fastening System

What is Hey-Back Rail Fastening System

The Hey-Back Rail Fastening System offers an affordable and straightforward solution with impressive stability. Its design includes two spring clips on a rolled elastic base plate, making it perfect for long welded rails, high-speed trains, and heavy loads. This system can be mounted on both wood and concrete sleepers, and it's suitable for preassembly, requiring no specialized tools or skilled labor. Additionally, it effectively solves the issue of rail creep. For further technical information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hey-Back Rail Fastening Assembly Parts:

J8 J9 Hey-Back Spring

J9 Heyback Spring Sample
J9 Hey Back Spring
Hey Back Spring Drawing

Hey-Back Spring Stock for Sale

Hey Back Spring Stock
Hey Back Spring Supply
Hey Back Package In Box

AJR54/K54 Tie Plate

AJR54 Tie Plate Sample
AJR54 Tie Plate Supply
AJR54 Tie Plate Drawing

PR Rail Clip Rail Fastening

PR401 Clip Rail Fastening System
PR401A Rail Fastening Detail

PR rail clip is used to fasten the rails to the underlying base plate together with the concrete sleeper. Usually rail clips are made of forged spring steel which is produced by hot forging process. Because of the uniform microstructure of forged clips, it is considered to be better than other metal forming process.

PR401A Clip Production from AGICO

PR401A Clip Production
PR401A Rail Clip Paiting
PR401A Rail Clip Spec Drawing

PR401 and other PR Serie Clip Specifications

Diameter Ø20
Weight 0.97kg/pcs
HRC 44-48
Under pressure More than2700lbs
Fatigue test 5,000,000 times without breaking
Surface paint Natural or According to customer's request
Packing Woven bags with Plywood or According to customer's request
PR401A Clip Delivery
Item No Material Diameter Clip Length Clip Width Weight HRC Pressure Fatigue Test
PR309 60Si2Mn 19 130   0.91 44-48 ≥9.5KN 5000000 times without break
PR601 60Si2Mn 19     0.8 44-48 ≥9.5KN 5000000 times without break
PR85 60Si2Mn 19 88±3   0.8 44-48 ≥9.5KN 5000000 times without break
PR415 60Si2Mn 20     0.8 44-48 ≥9.5KN 5000000 times without break
PR601 60Si2Mn 20       44-48 ≥9.5KN 5000000 times without break

184-185 K43S Rail Insulator

pellet machine flat die
flat die manufacture
holes on flat die

184-185 K43S Rail Insulator Stock

K43S Rail Insulator For Sale
K43S Rail Insulator Package

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