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E type clip fastening system introduction

E-type Rail Clip Fastening System

E Clip Rail Fastening System

E-type rail clip can provide durable alignment which can fasten the steel rail and the fastenings from high pressure caused by train. E clip is made of spring steel which make it of high strength. There are many types of e clips: E1609, E1809, E1817, E2007, E2009, E2055, etc.

E Clip Types and Materials

Name railway E clips Specifications
Type E clip (e1809, e2006,e2007,e2009,etc)
Skl clip (skl1,skl3,skl12,skl14)
 Or the type by customers’ drawings
Material 60Si2MnA 60Si2CrA 55Si2Mn 38Si7
Chemical composition(%) C:0.56-0.64, Mn:0.60-0.90, Si:1.60-2.00, Cr:≤0.35, P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03 C:0.56-0.64, Mn:0.40-0.70, Si:1.40-1.80,Cr:0.70-1.00 P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03 C:0.52-0.60, Mn:0.60-0.90, Si:1.50-2.00,Cr:≤0.35  P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03 C:0.35-0.42, Mn:0.50-0.80, Si:1.50-1.80, P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03
Hardness For e clip: 44-48HRCFor skl clip: 42-47HRC
Fatigue life for Dia.18 is 3 millions cycles without breaking  for Dia.20 is 5 millions cycles without breaking
Surface plain (oiled), Oxide black, color painting
Standard refers DIN17221, BS970, GB/T1222

E Clip Fastening System Installation

Wood Sleeper Installation:

E Clip Rail Fastening on Wooden Sleeper

Components for one rail seat on a wood Sleeper consists of 1 P rolled steel tie plate, 2 e-series clips (e-2055), and screw spikes. The number of tie plate fasteners required will depend upon the application. The tie plate should be positioned on a new or freshly adzed tie, before the rail is laid in the plate and the holes are drilled for the plate hold down fasteners. The tie plate is canted and should be placed so that the cant runs towards the center of the tie.

The taller, raised heel seat is the field side of the plate.It is recommended that the tie is tamped before clip installation. With the tie plate centered, drill the pilot hole for the screw spike. For a P 15/16" screw spike the hole should be 3/4" diameter and six inches deep from the top of tie plate.

A visual check should be made to insure that the plate fasteners are all the way down and the tie plate is tight against the tie. The e-2055  rail clip is installed from the right hand side of the tie plate as you face the rail, with the "toe" or open end of the clip on the foot of the rail.

The e-series clip can then be started by hand or with a few taps from a sledge hammer. The clip should be driven until there is approximately 3/8" gap (about the diameter of a pencil) between the edge of the tie plate and the inner edge of the rear arch of the clip. The e-2055 clip can also be mechanically installed to the above specifications. There are several types of equipment available for this purpose.

Concrete Sleeper Installation:

Right Hand Pandrol E Clip Rail Fastening

Concrete Sleeper components for one rail seat consists of the following: a tie pad, two insulators and two e-series clips. The correct P shoulders are already embedded in the tie by the concrete tie manufacturer. If you have any interest or questions, please contact AGICO Rail.

First,place the pad in the rail seat after making sure both are clean and free of debris.

Next install the rail and tamp the Rail Sleeper. The insulators are installed next (one each side of the rail) making sure the insulator is fully seated against the base of the rail. Then start the e-2055 clip from the right side of the shoulder by hand or set with a few taps of a sledge hammer. The clip is fully driven when there is approximately 3/8" gap between the edge of the shoulder and the rear arch of the clip. As with the wood installation, the e-series clip can be installed by mechanical means.

E Clip used on Steel Rail Sleeper

When using a Deep Post style rail insulator make sure it seats securely on the rail base and into the recession in the pad. The Deep Post Pad must be placed on the tie with the thin membrane resting on the tie and the open area facing up.

The Deep Post Insulator extends below the base of the rail and sits on the pad membrane. (If using a "sandwich pad" the membrane will rest on the steel plate.) Caution should be taken never to mix Deep Post Insulators with standard rail pads. Although standard insulators will work with Deep Post Pads, it is not recommended since the pad may try to shift.

E Clip Fastening Specifications for Different Gauges

E Clip Fastening Specifications for Different Gauges
Sleeper Rail Outer Inner Gauge Inner Outer
PY UIC 60kg/m UIC60/11/13 UIC60/00/04 1058 UIC60/00/04 UIC60/11/13
    UIC60/06/09 UIC60/06/09 1062 UIC60/00/04 UIC60/11/13
    UIC60/06/09 UIC60/06/09 1066 UIC60/06/09 UIC60/06/09
    UIC60/00/04 UIC60/11/13 1071 UIC60/06/09 UIC60/06/09
    UIC60/00/04 UIC60/11/13 1076 UIC60/11/13 UIC60/00/04
  SAR 60kg/m T11 T0 1058 T0 T11
    T6 T6 1062 T0 T11
    T6 T6 1066 T6 T6
    T0 T11 1071 T6 T6
    T0 T11 1076 T11 T0
  SAR 57kg/m T17 T6 1059 T6 T17
    T17 T6 1062 T11 T14
    T14 T11 1065 T11 T14
    T11 T14 1067 T11 T14
    T11 T14 1069 T14 T11
    T6 T17 1073 T14 T11
    T6 T17 1077 T17 T6
    T0 T23 1082 T17 T6
    T0 T23 1087 T23 T0
  SAR 48kg/m T23 T17 1067 T17 T23
    T23 T17 1072 T23 T17
    T17 T23 1077 T23 T17
P2 SAR 57kg/m T11 T0 1056 T0 T11
    T11 T0 1060 T6 T6
    T6 T6 1064 T6 T6
    T0 T11 1069 T6 T6
    T0 T11 1074 T11 T0
  SSAR 48kg/m T23 T6 1054 T6 T23
    T23 T6 1059 T11 T17
    T17 T11 1064 T11 T17
    T17 T11 1069 T17 T11
    T11 T17 1074 T17 T11
    T11 T17 1078 T23 T6
    T6 T23 1082 T23 T6
  SAR 40kg/m T23 T6 1060 T6 T23
    T17 T11 1065 T6 T23
    T17 T11 1070 T11 T17
    T17 T1 1075 T17 T11
    T11 T17 1080 T17 T11
    T11 T17 1084 T23 T6
Siding SAR 57kg/m A A 1066 A A
  SAR 48kg/m C A 1060 A C
    C A 1066 B B
    C A 1072 C A
    B B 1072 B B
    B B 1078 C A
    A C 1084 C A
  SAR 40kg/m C A 1066 A C
    C A 1072 B B
    C A 1078 C A
    B B 1078 B B
    B B 1084 C A
  SAR 30kg/m 30A T11 1067 T11 30A
    30B T17 1073 T11 30A
    30B T17 1079 T17 30B
    30C 30C 1084 T17 30B
    30C 30C 1089 30C 30C

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