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432 pails of dog spikes production

Dog Spike Exported to America Customer

432 pails of dog spikes production has been completed and packaged in pails as to America Customers' requirements, dog spike specs: 5/8*6", this batch of dog pike products are ordered by America Distributor in OCT, 2016, AGICO is able to produce solid quality dog spikes with various kinds and sizes, stadards available are DIN/GOST/AREMA/GB/TB, Steel material mainly use low carbon steel. The main dimensions of the AREMA standard hook spikes are 3/8" x 3", 3/8" x 3-1/2", 1/2" x 4-1/2", 5/8" x 5-1 /2", 5/8"×6" and so on.

AGICO-Your Trust Worthy Dog Spike Supplier

Dog Spike Packaged in Pails
AGICO Your Dog Spike Supplier

432 Pails of Dog Spike Package Detail

Dog Spike  Package after Production Completed
Dog Spike Before Package

Why Choose AGICO as Your Rail Fastener Supplier

Railway products from AGICO represents the best manufacture technology in China, and as China has been developing railway lines in fast speed, AGICO become the most experienced railway product supplier in this area. AGICO has been proved by CRCC in China, now producing railway fasteners and steel rails over 3000 tons per month for Export. AGICO mainly supplies rail clip, rail bolt, fish bolt, rail anchor rail pad, tie plate,rail turnout etc. all railway products from AGICO has been manufactured strictly to the standard and tested after production.

All processes of rail spike and other rail fastener production are in accordance with the requirements of the ISO quality management system. From the supplier's quality control to finished products, AGICO keep operating in accordance with standard procedures. We have strict quality control systems for our suppliers:
  • For the inspection and testing of raw materials, we require suppliers to provide inspection indicators such as production lot number, chemical composition, and mechanical properties.
  • Our quality control inspectors take samples and batch inspections during the inspection process and provide materials such as raw material certificates for control.
  • According to the different requirements of the product, we make the appropriate physical and chemical testing and inspection. If the result does not meet our requirements, we will refuse to accept it. Only if the material meets our standards can we receive it.
  • For the production of semi-finished products and their external suppliers, we often organize quality control coordination meetings and provide technical skills and guidance. Ensure that qualified products are delivered to our customers before shipment.

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