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Specifications of UIC 60 steel rail


UIC 60 Steel Rail Production

The 60E1 (UIC60) rail model is manufactured according to the European standard EN 13674-1. It is used for railroad construction. This is a type T section rail (flat botom rails) with a 60.21 kg mass per meter. For a standard track is used the 60E1/UIC60 rail for medium and heavy load traffic.

The origin of the standard for the manufacture of this type of Steel Track comes from the International Union of Railways, founded in 1922, with the objective of promoting the global rail traffic and confront the transportation challenges and promote the sustainable development.

The UIC plays an important role in the pieces standardization for the railways construction, and the 60E1/UIC60 rail is the best example of this.

Dimensions of UIC60 Rail:

Type of Rail Standard Dimensions (mm) Section S Mass m
H B C D E cm² kg/m
European standard EN 13674-1
60E1 (UIC60) EN 13674 - 1 172,00 150,00 72,00 51,00 16,50 76,70 60,21

Mechanical Properties of UIC60 Rail:

UIC 60 Steel Rail for Sale
Standard Steel Grades Mechanical Properties
Rm MPa min A5 % HB
EN 13674 - 1 (2006)
R200 min
14 200 - 240
R260 min
10 260 - 300
R260 MN min
10 260 - 300
R350 HT min
9 350 - 390

Dimension Comparion of UIC54 and UIC60 Rail:

UIC860 standard rail
Type Diameter (mm) Unit weight (kg/m) Material Length (m)
H.W (mm) H (mm) B.W (mm) W.T (mm)
49 E1 (S49) 70 149 125 14 49.39 900A/1100 12-25
UIC54 70 159 140 16 54.43 900A/1100 12-25
UIC60 74.3 172 150 16.5 60.21 900A/1100 12-25

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