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P fast clip for railway fastening system

Brief Introduction

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Countries worldwide have developed many kinds of elastic clips for railway transportation. The British P series clips are one of the typical concrete sleeper fasteners, including PR and E series clips. They are famous and influential in the world today. It is widely used in over 70 countries and regions, such as Europe, the United States, Canada, and South Africa.
AGICO is the approved elastic rail clip manufacturer by China's Railway Ministry and has been ISO9001-2008 certified. AGICO can supply elastic rail clips with high precision, high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, which are used widely in railway projects worldwide. These facts make our rail clip products ideal for track assembly use.

P Fast Clip System

PR Clips For Railway Line

The p fast clip system is composed of many parts, such as a baseplate, bolt, flat washer, insulating sleeve, omega clip, rail gauge block, elastic pad and insulating cushion pad, as shown in the left Figure. The baseplate is fixed on the sleeper or track by embedding the pre-embedded insulating sleeve and anchoring bolt. The upper part of the baseplate is a fast clip structure, which clamps the steel rail with a clip. It uses boltless pressing and self-locking tightening and adjusts the gauge by moving the baseplate left and right through the elliptical hole on the baseplate. The P fast clip system achieves insulation by the rail bottom elastic pad, rail gauge block, insulating sleeve, and insulating cushion pad.

PR Series Clips types

AGICO manufactures and exports following types of PR elastic rail clips with high-quality spring steel by forging process. They are four kinds of clips as shown in the following figure.
PR Clips Types

PR Series Clips Specification

We can see the Mechanical Properties of PR series clips from above table. The raw Material is 60Si2MnA, hardness is all from 44 to 48HRC, and they can have 3 million cycles without breaking for Dia under 20; 5 million cycles without breaking for Dia under 20. The surface treated by oxide black, color painting and some others according to clients.

Model PR85 Rail Clip PR309A Rail Clip PR401 Rail Clip PR415 Rail Clip PR601A Rail Clip
Spec. ø13 ø19 ø20 ø20 ø22
Hardness 44-48HRC 44-48HRC 44-48HRC 44-48HRC 44-48HRC

Hot-sales Products: PR401 Fastening Clips

The PR401 fastening clip was used on railway lines from 1960 to 1984. Its most common application was on F23 and F27 sleepers, as shown in the following figure. The original PR401 clip had a round toe. Afterward, we found the wear-out of the rounded toe was severe, and it was replaced by the flat one PR401A in 1970. Some PR401 clips were still installed in tracks from 1960 to 1968. The round toe wore to a flat unless the rail was well maintained with the insulators replaced periodically.  
The PR401 clip must be inserted by a pin puller, as shown in the figures below. It may cause damage to the rail or sleeper by using a hammer. We should check the correct installation of insulators before inserting them. It can ensure that the insertion process will not damage the insulators and clips. The pin puller is the only tool allowed to remove the PR 401 clip. The process for the removal is the reversal of it.
Inserting a p Serie Clip

Excellent Performance of P Fast Clips

There are many advantages of the p fast clip, which is the excellent and ideal elastic fastener:

  • provide enough elasticity to absorb the vibrations and shocks caused by moving loads;
  • have proper toe load;
  • require the least maintenance;
  • be used and re-used with no losing the properties
  • be easy to be manufactured, install and maintained
  • not to be taken out and free from sabotage or theft
  • be used on wooden, steel or concrete rail sleepers
  • be cheap and have a long service life.

AGICO Group has rich experience and advanced equipment to manufacture metal clip fasteners. We have supplied many rail clips for foreign clients and stored many ready-made dies. In addition, we can make various customized rail clips with different standards or according to the drawings and requirements of clients. We sincerely seek reliable cooperators abroad. Welcome to contact us.

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