FAQs on Rail Fastening Systems

Q:What are main types for rail fastening system?
A:Rail fastening systems have been developed into many types in different countries, according to clip types it can be classified into elastic clip fastening system, SKL-fastening system, KPO fastening system and N fastening system.

Q:Do you supply rail fastening system whole set and separated parts?
A:We can supply elastic rail clips, fish plate, tie plate, rail pad, rail switch, rail shoulder and other rail parts in rail fastening system and rail joint system, one word, we can supply each rail part for customers.

Q:Can I get a free sample for quality inspection and mechanical test?
A:Sure you can, and it is very easy, just contact with our sales team and provide your rail part drawing, we will produce a sample and send it to you immediately.

Q:How do you control railway product quality?
A:Each batch of railway fastener parts will be produced under a series of full quality inspection by devices and working staffs, and it will go through quality sample test before delivery.

Q:How large is your production capacity?
A:AGICO also has large daily production ability, so if you need large quantities of railway product in short delivery time, AGICO can satisfy your requirement easily: 100MTS of rail joints, 100000 pieces of rail clip.

Q:How to do maintenance after rail fastening system and rail joint has been installed?
A:Maintenance method shall be different according to the wear situation, change rail fastening part which has been damaged seriously, and make adjustment when it is only dislocation.

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