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How Much Do You Know About Track Fitting And Fastening

Definition of track fitting and fastening

The track fitting and fastening refer to the various accessories which can be used to connect the rail end to end and fix the rail to the sleeper of the railway track. They are indispensable components in the railway system as well. With the wider use of railway tracks,track fitting and fastening have been greatly developed and improved, and are playing an increasingly important role in the modern railway transportation system.

Types of track fitting and fastening

Track fittings as an indispensable part of railway the system can perform connection functions and play a significant role in the modern railway transportation system. AGICO manufactures and exports the following types of railway fasteners including fish plates, spikes, bolts and other fittings.

Railway fish plate

The fish plate, is also known as a rail joint or joint bar. It is the end connection of two rails. The fish plate is usually made of mild steel with a thickness of 20mm. About 32 mm diameter screw holes are in the middle of the fish plate. It also allows expansion or contraction of rails caused due to temperature changes. It can reduce the impact of the wheel on the rail joint, increase the continuity of longitudinal deformation of the rail at the joint, and improve the smoothness of the train when passing through. The fish plate AGICO manufactured mainly includes three types, normal fish plate, joggled fish plate and compromise fish plate.  

Railway Spike

Railroad spike, also known as railway spike or track spike. It is an important component used to fix the railway track and pressed against the railway bed. The quality of railway spikes has a direct influence on the safety of railways. Therefore the manufacturers must promise strict observance of standards to ensure their quality. Railway spike should have the performance, It has sufficient strength to hold the rail in position. It is easy to fix and replace the sleepers. AGICO manufactures two common railroad spikes, screw spikes and dog spikes.

Railway bolt

It is a kind of railway fastener consisting of a head and a screw, which needs to cooperate with a nut to fasten two parts with holes. It is an indispensable  and essential part of railway accessories. AGICO manufactures a wide range of railway bolts including hook bolts, fish bolts, fang bolts and rag bolts, etc. Hook bolts are used for fixing wooden sleepers to bridge girders. Fish bolts are used to connect fish plates to the rails at rail joints. Rag bolts are generally used to connect longitudinal wooden sleepers or concrete sleepers to the walls of ash pits.

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AGICO is one of the leading Chinese corporations in the production and sale of railway fasteners. We have various testing equipment to ensure the quality of all our products. And we have established a dedicated testing center to conduct strict quality control at every stage of the production process, from raw material procurement, production and transportation, to after-sales service. So that we always provide our customers with top quality products. These facts make our railway fastener products ideal for track assembly use. If you're interested in our products, please feel free to leave us a message.

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