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Wooden sleeper advantages and anti-corrosion treatment

Wooden Rail Sleeper Material Types

Wooden sleeper production use a lot of wood material, Wood material type include hard wood and soft wood, hard wood is more suitable for making railway sleepers, so sal, steak which has higher hardness and weight are most used wood types.

Wooden Sleeper For Railway

Wooden Sleeper Advantages

Why use wood sleepers? Wooden sleepers has played a major role in railway lines for a long time. Compared with other material, wood is easier to get, light, easy to maintain, high load carrying capacity, it can meet the basic needs of railway sleeper better than others. The only problem for wooden sleeper is corrosion of water and environment. With treatment of anti-corrosion, wooden sleeper service time can be increased by 50%, as the technology develops, there are 3 kinds of treatments: full cell process, empty cell process, haskenizing process. It means removing and refilling cells with ingredient in wood.

Anti-corrosion Treatment for Wood Sleeper

Ordinary sleepers use wood as a raw material in the selection of materials, not only because of the low price, but also because of the good elasticity of the wood, good insulation, light weight, easy processing and replacement, and sufficient displacement resistance. Everything is two-sided. After talking about its advantages, let us talk about its shortcomings, that is, it is very corroded. Therefore, the anti-corrosion treatment of ordinary sleepers is very important. Then what are the common anti-corrosion treatment methods for sleepers? Let's take a look at it.

Wood Sleeper Corrosion and Wear
  1. Smear method: the preservative is sprayed or sprayed on the surface of the wood, and gradually penetrates into the interior of the wood by the diffusion of the solution, so it is the anti-corrosion sleeper.
  2. End infiltration method: The preservative is placed at one end of the wood, and gradually infiltrates from the liquid guiding tube of the sapwood line.
  3. Dipping method: After the wood is placed in a preservative for several hours, it is taken out to allow it to cool, or it is quickly taken out and then immersed in a cold solution for several hours.

The anti-corrosion sleeper maintains a stable size, and its strength and durability are also improved compared with the raw material. Although the average shrinkage rate is smaller, the wood has less expansion and contraction. However, it is impossible to require no expansion and contraction of wood. Only the following necessary measures are taken. Wood drying can bring wood products below the equilibrium moisture content. The general rule is 8% to 12%. Due to the large size of China, the humidity varies greatly from place to place. It is best to consider the local equilibrium moisture content. The moisture content of the wood should be determined both at the factory and at the time of purchase.

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