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Understanding of rail joint types and rail track seam

Compromise and Insulated Rail Joint

Rail Joint: the connection point of steel rails of rail track where rail joint bar and rail bolts are used, is called rail joint. A rail joint is a device that connects two pieces of rail on a railroad track. Rail fishplate is typically a piece of flat steel with two holes drilled at each end. The holes correspond to ones that are drilled into the ends of the rails and are bolted between the two rails to connect and hold them together. The rail joint also provides room for expansion when subjected to very high heat climates.

Glued Rail Joint

Rail Joint Types:

Conducting Rail Joints
  1. According to relative position of rail joint bar and rail sleepers, it can be classified as cushion type and suspension type.
  2. According to relative position of rail joints alongside the railway track, it is classified as staggered form(alternate joint) and opposite joint.
  3. According to working performance and application, it is classified as ordinary rail joint and special rail joint(compromise rail joint, insulated rail joint, conducting rail joint, glued joint, Vibration resistant Rail Joint )

Reserved Track Seam:

Cushion and Suspension Rail Joints
  • In order to meet the needs of thermal expansion and contraction of the rail, rail joints should be reserved at the rail joints. The reserved rail joints should meet the following conditions
  • When the rail temperature reaches the local maximum rail temperature, the rail joint seam should be greater than or equal to zero, so that the rail end is not subject to the pressing force, in case the temperature pressure is too large and the rail track is expanded.
  • When the temperature reaches the local minimum rail temperature, rail joint should be less than or equal to the structural rail, so that the joint bolt is not subjected to shearing force to prevent the joint bolt from being bent or broken. The structural rail joint refers to the maximum gap value of the rail end that can be realized by the dimension of the rail, the joint splint and the bolt.
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