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Railway fastener - elastic rail clip quality test

Railway Elastic Rail Clips for Turnouts

What is Elastic Railway Clips

The buckle of the railway fastener is mainly manufactured using a spring strip, which is bent and twisted by the elastic strip to generate a buckle pressure acting on the rail,the name is elastic rail clip or rail clips.

Elastic Rail Clips and Various Rail Bolts for Sale

It effectively ensuring a reliable connection between the steel rails and  rail sleepers for a long time, maintaining the integrity of the rail as much as possible, and preventing the rail from longitudinal and lateral movement relative to the rail sleeper, the gauge distance is ensured to ensure the safety of the train.

In addition, since it is rigid contact between the train wheel and the rail, vibration is inevitably generated, and the special elastic structure of the elastic rail clip also has the function of absorbing the impact energy generated when the vehicle passes, achieving the shock absorption effect. The elastic rail clip works under repeated alternating stresses. It is subjected to various functions such as bending, torsion, fatigue and corrosion. When the train passes, it also has to withstand extremely high instantaneous impact loads, so the performance requirements of the elastic rail clips are very strict.

Details of Quality Test of Rail Clip

Although there are many manufacturers engaged in the production and sales of railway fasteners in the market, users can choose different types of fasteners according to their needs. In fact, in the selection and buying of elastic fasteners, price is not the only factor, specifications, quality of rail fasteners should also be considered. So how do you check the quality of the rail clip, and which test method should be used?

  1. Residual Deformation: after 3 times of static pressure test of the rail clip, the deformation value of the front end of the middle part is less than 1mm. If you want to check whether rail clip is deformed, place it on the platform, measure the relative height of the front end of rail clip with a depth gauge, and then place it in a special tire type, and the tire type is mainly fixed in the experimental machine on the pedestal. A 50 mm flat washer is placed between the test head and the rail clip to overlap the center line of the washer with the spring line. Slowly load to 50kn and stabilize for 5 seconds, then unload back to zero. After repeating for 3 times, put back the rail clip on the platform and measure the relative height of the front end.
  2. Hardness: the hardness of the elastic rail clip is 41-46, this test uses sample method, test 3 locations in the radius of the circle of each piece, the reading accuracy is hrco0.5, take value of its arithmetic mean.
  3. Fatigue Performance: no breakage after 5 million fatigue tests, the residual deformation should be less than 1mm. Place the elastic rail clip on the special tire, and apply downward displacement to the front end of the limbs of the elastic rail clip, until the displacement of the elastic rail clip of 9mm or 8mm respectively is designed and assembled, and continue to apply the motion based on the position at this time. The displacement is 5mm-0.9mm. Load cycle is 5 million times and the Loading frequency is 4-16hz. Measure relative elevation of the front end of the elastic rail clip middle section 2 times(before and after the test), the elevation difference was the residual deformation after the fatigue test.
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What Railway Fasteners AGICO Supplies

In fact, in the selection of elastic rail clips, when you want to manufacture high quality rail fastener products, you need to master different inspection methods, and determine the quality of the elastic rail clips by taking such inspection methods. I hope that through the introduction, you can analyze your own needs, select suitable, practical, quality qualified elastic clips. If you still don't know how to choose the rail clip, you can contact us any time. Our professional team will recommend and provide suitable railway fasteners for you.

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