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Introduction of rail fastening part-elastic rail clip

Rail Fastener Parts

What is Railway Fastening Parts?

To answer this question, first you need to understand what is the function of rail fasteners, When trains were created and designed to be running on fixed rails of wood at the beginning, the rails has to be fastened on to the ground with the help of railway sleepers, and that’s where elastic rail clips, rail bolts and fish plates works. They are the only connection between steel rails and railway sleeper, railway fasteners has to bear both vertical and longitudinal forces when the train is passing by. Furthermore, vibrations are generated due to the uneven and unstable height of rail wheels, steel rail and rail sleepers. High-frequency vibration rate of rail could reach 60000 cycles per minute, and that is measured at a moderate speed of 100 kmph.

Rail Fastening System on Concrete Sleeper

In fact, the rail fasteners has to be checked regularly for safety issue, for train passes each time on the rail sleepers, it might lead to loosen of rail bolts, fish bolt break, fish plate break, etc, which are caused by constant pressure and high rate of vibration. As the manufacture technology of rail fasteners develops, rail fasteners can last much longer than before. If you need to buy rail fasteners, standard or none standard, AGICO Rail is always your trustworthy rail fastener supplier.

Functions of Elastic Rail Clips

  1. It is suitable for modern track & it’s requirements
  2. It with stand vibrations induced in track
  3. It sustain static and dynamic cyclic stresses
  4. It provide creep and torsional resistance and keep rail in position
  5. It is able to resist lateral forces
  6. It has longer service life with low cost of maintenance

Manufacturing of Rail Clips

  • The rail clips shall be manufactured from as rolled bars by hot forming & shall be subsequently oil hardened and tempered to give uniform hardness across the section.
  • The rail clips shall conform to the requirements of drawing and all tests stipulated in the specification.
  • Inspection of finished clips
  • It is done before acceptance of rail clip by consignee zonal railway. Firm submit call letter for inspection in proper format to Inspecting Official.

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