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How to use railway spikes in railway turnout

Railway Dog Spike and Screw Spike for Turnout

Railway Spike Types

The use of railway spikes in railway tracks is focused on the safety of railway. Common railroad spike products include common dog spikes, spiral spikes, threaded spikes, etc. These types of rail spikes are different, but they are part of the rail fasteners in actual use.

How Does Railway Spike Works in Railway Turnout

The role of railway spikes is to work with elastic rail clip system on railway turnouts. These elastic clips are required in the use of railway rails and railway turnouts to ensure that steel rails do not traverse or sideways. The use of railway spikes generally compresses the edges of the steel rails, bounces, pads and rails of the railway rails, making the rails better attached and pressed to the railway subgrade. With the continuous increase of the railway track and the continuous improvement of the original ballast track, the environment and the functions for the railway spike needed become more complicated. This becomes even more important for the performance and installation and maintenance of the railway spike itself.

Railway Screw Spike and Dog Spike Types

Where Railway Spikes are Used

Railway spikes are not only used during the laying and maintenance of railway rails, but also in the use of railroad turnout. The use of railway spikes is not only used in the laying process of railway track, but also needs to be used extensively during the operation and maintenance of railway tracks. With the continuous development and speeding of railway, different railway spikes are applicated in different railway tracks.

Common rail spikes are used on ordinary railroad rails, with the transformation of railroad tracks. The traditional ballast track, which was replaced by the ballastless track, has also replaced the traditional railway spikes with new spikes such as spiral spikes and wooden thread spikes. These railway stud products, which are difficult to produce, can better assist the operation of the railway track in functioning, so the railway spikes are also widely used on railway ballasts. In the installation and use of railway ballasts, high tensile strength railway spikes can play better role of fastening. It makes the railway road nail better to assist the railway track and ensure the safe and smooth operation of the railway locomotive.

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