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Tips for railway turnout installation and application

Rail turnouts are an important part of rail track system. With continuous development of rail transportation technology, rail fasteners are not limited to rail transportation. Commonly used railway tracks now include mining railway tracks and crane rail tracks with higher tonnage requirements. General railway fastener parts have specifications such as their models. However, other aspects need to be paid attention to during the installation process. These details can better guarrantee the safety of railway line.

Railway Turnouts Installation

Important Aspect of Using Railway Turnout:

Railway turnout must be used in accordance with railway track type: which means railway turnout must fit the type of railway track. In addition to steel rail types, following data in addition to railway tracks:

  1. Symmetric turnouts need to be used for railway
  2. Are the gauges of railway tracks the same as railway turnouts?
  3. Is the weight of railway track meet same as that of the railway turnout?
  4. Is the radius of curvature of section used by railway turnout correct?

The length of both straight and curved steel rails during installation must meet the requirements: this requires two steel track length to be checked before steel track is installed. This problem seems unimportant, and a period of time can be used during use. Steel rails connect straight and curved rails. However, it is better to use a sufficient length of track under certain design specifications. In this regard, we better install and use according to design drawings. This link can be consulted when ordering steel rail switches and other products. In this way, bearing capacity of railway turnout curved track can be guaranteed to meet design requirements.

Maintenance specifications during application of railway turnouts: for railway turnouts in use, regular inspections are generally required. This aspect of inspection requires verification of turnouts and assessment of turnout condition. In this regard, professional railway workers need to regularly debug railway turnouts functions, and tap the parts of railway turnouts that are prone to fracture and damage to judge the use of relevant rail fasteners.

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