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Thermit introduction for seamless rail welding

Thermit Seamless Railway Welding

Thermite Introduction:

Thermit Welding ON Railway Track

The thermite is a mixture of aluminum powder and refractory metal oxide. The common aluminothermic agent is a mixture of aluminum powder and ferric oxide powder in a proportion of pink (Ratio/1:2.95). When lighted with a igniting agent, the reaction proceeds violently, and alumina and elemental iron are obtained and released large quantities of heat and flame, the temperature can reach 2500 °C, which can melt the generated iron.

The aluminothermic agent is an important component of the aluminothermic reaction, and the aluminothermic reaction plays an important role in high-temperature outdoor operations such as orbital welding.

Thermite Working Principle

The heat released during the aluminothermic reaction which can melt high melting point metal,  Aluminothermic method is widely used in welding rescue projects, for example, by connecting the rails into a long rail and seamless rail. In addition, the aluminothermic method is also an good method of smelting metals with high melting point such as vanadium, chromium and manganese.

Thermit Application Fields:

In addition to welding rails and smelting refractory metals, aluminothermic agents are also widely used in the military. For example, in the artillery warhead--the nozzle is filled with aluminothermic components, for the reaction temperature is extremely high, and it can be used to make incendiary bombs. Greatly improve the lethality. AGICO is able to supply thermit for seamless steel rail welding, if you are looking for thermit for seamless rail welding, send an email or make a call now!

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