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Steel rail track manufacture and required mechanical properties

UIC60 Steel Rail for Customer

What is Steel Rail Track

Steel rail track is a most important part of railway system, which provide a series of mechenical properties to ensure railway system safety,simply speaking, it is a steady track for trains to run on. Here is a list of required properties steel rail shall have.

  • Good wear resistance, mainly decided by raw material of steel rail;
  • High resistance to deformation, affected by raw material and heat treatment;
  • High fatigue strength, ;
  • High yield strength, toughness/tensile strength and hardness;
  • High resistance to brittle fracture, created by heat treatment;
  • Good weldability, suitable for seamless railway track;
  • High degree of steel purity and good texture,good raw material and heat treatment;
  • Profile evenness and dimensions accuracy by inspection and acceptance;
  • Low residual stresses after manufacturing and straightening, heat treatment after hot rolling.

Steel Rail Production Method and Requirement

UIC 60 Steel Rail

Steel grade of steel rails for different duty railway lines varies on dimension as well as steel grade. Modern steel mill technology - continuous casting is used to produce long steel rails for seamless steel track, it is involved with multi-stage process in rolling mill. Steel rails working environment including temperature range, moisture, corrosive level shall be considered when choosing steel rail types.

It can be said that steel is an extremely versatile material. If the suitable alloying additions are made, or the correct heat treatment chosen, then other types of steel structures can be produced. Also, the combinations of alloying and heat treatment are possible and a range of grades can therefore be produced. Heat treatment is the only way to improve steel rail mechenical properties such as tensile strength, toughness,wear resistance. For heavy duty rail track of crane rail,head harden rail is applied.

High Speed Railway Track Development

High speed railway track requires higher standard of tensile strength and toughness,with heavier axle loads, better quality of steel rails means less railroad maintenance work and cost through increasing rail track service life. New steel materials are being developed each year, and it showed advantages of increasing track availability and safety in the long run of railway traffic system.

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