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Rail fastening system parts for high speed railway line

High Speed Railway Fastener

Rail Fastening System Parts of Concrete Rail Sleeper

With characteristics of heavy weight and rigidity, concrete sleepers have higher requirements on the performance of their fasteners, and have stricter requirements on their buckling pressure, elasticity and adjustability. concrete sleeper fasteners should have the following properties:

  1. Sufficient fastening pressure. This is an important guarantee for fixing of steel rails and rail sleepers. Sufficient fastening pressure means that when steel rail is bent and rotated, rail bottom will not cause longitudinal displacement along the shim plate, which is, longitudinal resistance of rail fastener is required to be greater than longitudinal resistance of track bed. The longitudinal resistance of each rail sleeper in China is about 10 kN. Longitudinal resistance of a group of rail fasteners is preferably 15 kN ~ 25 kN, and corresponding fastening pressure is about 10 kN. At the same time, buckling pressure should not be too large, otherwise rail fastener elasticity will decrease sharply and service life of rail fastener will be reduced.
  2. Appropriate flexibility. The elasticity of concrete sleeper line is much worse than that of wood sleeper, so concrete sleeper line elasticity in vertical and horizontal directions is mainly provided by rail fastener system. Proper elasticity can reduce load pressure on rail track bed, reduce vibration acceleration under elastic rail clip, and prolong service life of rail fasteningcomponents. The elasticity of rail fastener is mainly provided by rubber pads and elastic rail clips.
  3. It has a certain gauge and level adjustment. The rail bolt hole spacing of concrete sleeper and bearing groove width are both constant. When curve gauge needs to be widened or gauge is enlarged due to rail wear, gauge needs to be adjusted by rail fasteners. Maintenance work also needs to adjust two strands of rails levels through rail fasteners.
  4. Concrete sleeper rail fasteners also require insulation properties.  Concrete sleeper fasteners mainly used two types of buckle plate type and arched spring type. Due to low strength of arched shrapnel and small fastening pressure, arched shrapnel rail fastener is easy to cause deformation and even breakage. It has been eliminated on main trunk line. At present, elastic rail clip fastener system are mainly adopted around the world.

Advantages of Rail Fasteners on High Speed Concrete Sleeper

Due to high speed of trains running on high-speed railways, in addition to requiring elastic rail fasteners to have sufficient fastening pressure, equivalent spring range, and strong ability to maintain gauge, they must also have the following characteristics:

Railroad Fastener Parts Install for High Speed Railway
High Speed Railway Track in China
  1. Less maintenance work of rail fasteners. Once high-speed railway is opened, due to fast speed and high density running, track maintenance can only be performed within a short blockade. This requires sufficient strength and durability of each component of rail fastener system.
  2. Fasteners have good noise and vibration reduction performance. With speed of the train increases, dynamic effects of steel rails increase sharply, so rail fasteners are required to have good noise reduction and vibration reduction performance, that is, rail fasteners are required to use cushion pads with better elasticity.
  3. In order to ensure absolute safety of high-speed railway traffic and good insulation performance of rail fasteners, there should be sufficient impedance between 2 steel rails to ensure normal operation of rail track circuit.

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