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Precautions for anticorrosive wood sleeper application

Anti Corrosion Wood Sleeper

Introduction of Wood Sleeper Advantages

Good elasticity, light weight, simple production and good insulation performance. The rail fastener parts install with wood sleeper is simple, convenient for laying, maintenance, and transportation. There is a large coefficient of friction between wooden sleeper and gravel ballast. However, its shortcomings are short service life and large amount of wood consumption. In order to effectively extend service life, sleepers must generally be used after oil injection and anticorrosion.

Quality of Anticorrosive Wood Sleepers

Anticorrosive wood sleepers are an important part of railway construction. The quality of wood sleepers affects the quality of railways directly. If you are familiar with anticorrosive wood sleepers then you should notice that it must be scratched before use. Do you know why?

  1. Improve anti-corrosion quality of wood sleepers: there are fine seams in the nicks, and preservative can penetrate more easily under high pressure, and increase penetration depth (this is one of the important indicators to measure quality of anti-corrosion condition). All kinds of wood sleepers are processed with certain standards according to ordinary sleepers, bifurcated sleepers and bridge sleepers.
  2. In order to maintain mechanical strength of anti-corrosion wood sleepers, there are specific regulations for scoring process. The side-by-side spacing is 20 to 25 mm, spacing between adjacent two rows is 55 to 60 mm, and thickness of scoring knife is about 5 mm. The length of scoring must be greater than 10mm, the hole depth is limited to 10 ~ 13mm, total number of missing knife marks on the surface around Anticorrosive wood sleepers should be less than 3%, and number of consecutive missing holes should be less than 3.

Precautions for Anticorrosive Wood Sleeper Application:

Firstly, land on one end and fall down in the horizontal direction. Don't shrug your shoulders to avoid being injured by bumps. When carrying with multiple workers, you should walk back and forth separately to avoid interference with each other. 2 workers should be at least 2 meters apart from each other. In the direction of vehicle at the construction site, 40 meters away from underground and 100 meters above the ground. Other parking signals). During construction of winch road, please contact hooker and winch driver. It is strictly forbidden to lift construction work of anti-corrosion sleepers. When planting road nails, use a hammer to plant the nails. Do not hit the wheel hammer. There are 7 harmful road spikes are strictly prohibited: namely, tilt, skew, oblique, floating, off, grinding, and bending.

Quality requirements for railway track line: complete fasteners, firm and consistent with the track, gap of track joint is no more than 5mm, height and side deviation is no more than 2mm, the height difference of rail top surface in straight section, and outer track of curved section. The height difference between design height and top surface of inner rail must not be greater than 5mm. The gauge deviation of straight segment and widened curve segment is + 5mm, and lower deviation is -2mm. A gauge rod is set in the curve segment.

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