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Over view of anti corrosion wooden sleeper from agico

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What is Anti-Corrosion Wood sleeper?

Anti-corrosion wood sleepers are wooden sleepers after oil-immersed and anti-corrosion treatment, also known asoil-immersed sleepers and oil-filled sleepers. The anti-corrosion sleeper is placed under the rail and is used to fix the important part of the track. It is an indispensable part of the railway track. The sleeper distributes the pressure generated by the train evenly into the ballast to ensure the safety of the train and increase. The safety factor enhances the safety and stability of train travel.

Anti-corrosion Sleeper Features

Anti-Corrosion Wooden Sleeper

The anti-corrosion sleeper has the characteristics of good elasticity, light weight, simple manufacture and good insulation. Rail fasteners and the sleepers are easy to install, lay and maintain, and easy to transport. There is a large coefficient of friction between the wooden sleeper and the crushed stone turnouts. The anti-corrosion sleeper is rich in toughness and absorbs the weight generated by train more easily than other sleepers. The disadvantage of anti-corrosion wooden sleeper is that it has a short service life and consumes a large amount of wood.

Wooden sleepers are prone to decay, mostly due to pests, environment and climate, and the nail holes on the wooden sleepers are loosened due to their long use, so the general anti-corrosion sleepers have only a life span of more than 10 years.

Anti-corrosion Wooden Sleeper Special Treatment Process

Anti-corrosion sleepers are chemically treated. The woody pillows are immersed in a mixture of coal tar and eucalyptus oil. After high temperature and high pressure, the wood absorbs the preservative and becomes very hard, not easy to rot, but also waterproof. Therefore, the sleeper treated with anti-corrosion is not afraid of water.

Anti-corrosion Sleeper Wood Material

Nowadays, the high-strength and durable scotch pine and larch wood are used as the wood for the sleepers. The wooden bolster is rich in toughness and absorbs the weight generated by the train more than other sleeper types.

Anti-corrosion Wooden Sleeper Specifications

  • Class 1 anti-corrosion sleeper, length × width × height is 2500 * 220 * 160mm
  • Class 2 anti-corrosion sleepers, length × width × height is 2500 * 200 * 145mm 

Turnout Wooden Sleepers:

  • Ordinary line 150 promotion length × width × height is 220 * 160 * 2600 ? 4850mm
  • Standard line 200 advances to length × width × height is 240 * 160 * 2600 ? 4800mm.

The anti-corrosion sleepers produced by our company have been exported to France, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, Iran and other countries, and have been highly praised and praised by customers.

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