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How much do you know railway track structure

Rail Road Structure

Railroad track structure shall be constructed according to approved final drawing. Before running service, the whole line need to be inspected and approved by qualified engineer, grading, drainage, structures, clearances, track and other related factors are inspected to meet railway line construction and running safety standard.

Railroad Subballast

Rail Track Inspection

Key role of subballast is to act as a drainage layer and as an effective filtration medium. Drainage has significant role in stability and safety of a railway line service. It is mainly composed of crusher run granite or limestone.

Ballast materials include limestone, dolomite, granite, etc, railway ballast supports the railway sleepers for the function of drain away water from railway track, tamping means to place ballast around and under railway sleepers, it is also the former step of leveling railway sleeper.

Railway Switch/Turnouts

Switches and crossings these are moveable sections of track that guide trains from one track to another and allow them to cross paths. They have an especially limited lifespan because trains cause wear and deformation when they travel across them.

Railway Turnout Maintenance

Railway Wooden Sleepers

Rail sleepers can be manufactured with wood, concrete, steel or plastic composite. The length of railway sleepers varies due to different national standards. Railway sleepers shall be manufactured with no flaw as decay, large splits, holes, etc. There is also a special type of railway sleeper for railway switch and turnout section.

Wooden Sleeper

List of wood species for wood Sleeper

Ash Elm Locust Sassafras
Beech Gum Maple Walnut
Birch Hackberry Mulberry  
Cherry Hickory Oak*  

Railway Tie Plate

Rail tie plate is the connection part between steel rail and rail sleeper, for most part of railroad, double shoulder tie plate is widely used. Special rail tie plate is used for railway turnout and crossings.

Steel Rail Sections

Steel rails are fastened with railway tie plate, various rail joint bars, elastic rail clip, rail shoulder, steel rail can be connected through fishplate or welding, welding is the way to make the whole railway track seamless. Rail fishplate manufactured for specified rail section shall be installed and fully bolted. Six-hole fishplate shall be used with all rail sections.

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