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How does seamless rail used in high speed railway

High Speed Railway Development in China

How to Build Seamless Railway Track

High-speed railway has become an important choice for people to travel for the high-speed. It has already become China's iconic means of transportation, and has  achieved the world's leading level in technology. For example, the seamless principle of high-speed rail, do you know how seamless rails are produced? Why are the rails get rusty?

High-speed Seamless Rail Working Principle

China's high-speed rail is indeed seamless. This is a technology independently developed by China for more than 20 year. The principle of seamlessness is to heat the rails to 1000 after the factory produces a rail section. Rail sections are welded together into a 500-meter-long steel rail, and then transported to the laying site, where they are welded again to a railway of several tens of kilometers or more than 100 kilometers long. What are the advantages of using seamless steel rails? Because the wheels will impact the rails when the train is running, if it is not seamlessly welded, there is a danger of derailment.

Rail Weld Seam CheckRail Weld Seam Check

Generally, seamless rails are used in the areas where the temperature difference during the 4 seasons is small, and there is less thermal expansion and contraction.

High-Speed Rail Rail Seamless Welding

The steel rails are barely exposed on the rail sleepers, and they are not in contact with the earth. The temperature difference is larger than the ground. Any expansion and contraction force is carried out on the rail, and will inevitably cause bulging or breaking. The current high-speed railways are all constructed with elevated structures and reinforced concrete materials. The temperature and expansion coefficient of the rails are consistent with the pavement. There is no need of special treatment for the thermal expansion and contraction of the rails.

Why are the high-speed steel rails rusty?

The material of the high-speed rail is the high-carbon medium-manganese steel rail. If the high-manganese steel is exposed to the air for a long time, it will rain or have various kinds of pollution, it will produce rust, but the rust is very slow and will not cause damage to the rail. And every day there are a lot of trains passing by, the places that pass through are very polished, and only the places that are not touched by the two sides are a bit rusty.

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