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Hook twin tie turnout plates manufacture process

What is Hook Twin Tie Plate:

Hook Twin Tie plates are used for fastening turnout tracks, so as guard rails and frogs. Their versatility allows them to fit most rail sections. We supply hook twin tie plates in both new and relay conditions.
The hook twin tie plates means that they are widely used throughout North America for standard rail sections. Its versatility comes from the pre-drilled slotted holes, allowing hook twin tie plates to fit almost any section of rail available in the world. Specially, hook twin tie plates are manufactured in 3 hook types.

Hook Twin Tie Plate Manufacture:

Hook Twin Tie Plate Fix
Hook Twin Tie Plate Fabrication
Hook Twin Tie Plate Molding

Hook Twin Tie Plate Measure:

Hook Twin Tie Plate Check
Hook Twin Tie Plate Length Measure
Hook Twin Tie Plate Measure

Hook Twin Tie Plate Package:

Hook Twin Tie Plate Package
Hook Twin Tie Plate Packaging

Hook Twin Tie Plate Dimension:

19.05mm Thickness Tie Plate for Turnout Dimension:
Model L23 L27 L31 LR23 LR27 LR31 H23 H27 H31 H35
Weight(KG) 8.53 10.07 11.61 8.53 10.07 11.61 8.66 10.21 11.75 13.29
25mm Thickness Tie Plate for Turnout Dimension
Model L29 L33 L37 LR28 LR32 LR36 H29 H33 H37 H41
Weight(KG) 13.93 15.97 18.01 13.42 15.46 17.5 14.12 16.16 18.2 20.24

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