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Elastic rail clip and steel rails application

Elastic Rail Clip used in Railway Lines

Elastic rail clip has been known as a key part in various modern railway fastening systems. As long as train runs on steel rail tracks, elastic rail clip will work as the fastening part of steel rails and rail sleepers. The same as other parts, elastic rail clip has limited service life until fatigue failure occurs. Elastic clips are required to pass fatigue test before put into use, standards of elastic rail clip varies according to different dimensions, for example, rail clip of standard dimension: normal wheel load has to run-out 5*106 cycles.

Rail Elastic Clip Products

Elastic clips has to reach up to 5460 and 16830 cycles of fatigue lives under wheel load. More than 5*106 cycles for elastic clip under low toe load. A kind of experiment method has been developed for evaluating stress distribution. Nowadays, China has developed the most advanced high speed railway in the world, it requires large quantities of railway fasteners each year for replacement, so China railway fasteners is more than able to satisfy requirements of any type of railway lines, contact AGICO if you need best rail fasteners in the world.

Steel Rails and Thermite Welding

Steel Rails Shipping

Steel rails of nowadays adopted the seamless steel rails to reduce gaps, which is a big change compared with steel rails in the past, long rail and seamless welding technology has been used. Rail length can reach 250m, the install work will no longer need fishplate, which is a weakness in railway safety, fishplate break is always a problem and has to be replaced once discovered.

Seamless steel rail mainly adopts thermit welding, which works by heating steel rail ends by chemical heat created by special formulas of powder, this technology has been developed for such a long time that welding quality can be guaranteed, and inspections of welds has to be done for each welding process.

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