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Correct installation of rail fasteners on concrete sleepers

Elastic Rail Fastener On Concrete Sleeper

We all know that concret sleepers are able to provide foundation for rail tracks which mainly depends on its performance. Except for its performance, the correct use of concrete sleeper is also very important. Rail fastener is the connecting part between rail sleeper and steel rail. Let's see how to use rail fastener in a proper way.

Design Requirements of Rail Fasteners and Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Rail Sleeper Drawing
  1. The design of new and reconstructed railways should choose different types of concrete sleepers in accordance with regulations.
  2. For sections with a curve radius less than 300m, a small-radius curve concrete sleeper should be laid on main line, and a small-radius curve concrete sleeper should be laid on the station line.
  3. For concrete bridge decks with guard rails, concrete bridge sleepers of the same type as line sleepers should be laid. Steel bridges can be laid with wooden bridge sleepers.
  4. Railway turnout area should preferentially select the matching concrete turnout sleeper according to its type.
  5. Wide concrete sleepers should be laid in large passenger stations where the roadbed (or foundation) is solid, stable, and well drained. The number of concrete wide sleepers should be 1760 / km.
  6. Station line concrete sleeper track should use elastic rail fasteners, wooden sleeper track should use separate fasteners, secondary station line can use ordinary channel nails.

How to Use Rail Fastener of Concrete Sleeper:

Rail Fastener Pre-Install on Concrete Sleeper
  1. Before the construction of fastener-type steel pipe formwork bracket, a construction plan must be prepared and a strict and thorough construction plan formulated. If the plan is not formulated well, some unexpected events may occur during construction.
  2. The appearance quality requirements of rail fasteners. Shock tests the appearance quality of rail fasteners. If there are cracks, deformations or bolts with sliding wires, it is strictly prohibited to use them; to prevent construction failures and accidents when using unqualified fasteners.
  3. The steel pipes and fasteners used for fastener-type template bracketinstallation must be sampled before use to check whether quality and appearance of elastic rail fasteners meet standards. Sampling testing shall not be used without testing or failing testing.
  4. Regarding the bearing capacity of rail fasteners, the construction load on working layer shall meet design requirements. It should not be overloaded, and bear a certain weight. The scaffolding must not be connected to formwork bracket. When connecting, certain treatment must be performed to ensure reasonable load of fastener weight.

The above is the correct way to use concrete sleeper and elastic rail fasteners. It is believed that anyone has some understanding of rail fasteners, which requires us to operate in accordance with regulations in order to ensure the stability of the sleeper.

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