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Anti-corrosion wood sleeper oil injection method

Anti-corrosion wood sleeper anti-corrosion method can be divided into mechanical pressure treatment method and non-pressure treatment method. Two types of sleepers, also known as wooden pillows, anti-corrosion wooden sleepers, and sometimes also refer to sleepers made of other materials; Materials for the laying of railways, special track running equipment and bearing equipment.

Anti-Corrosion Wooden Sleeper

The anti-corrosion wood sleeper has good elasticity, light weight, simple manufacture and good insulation performance. The fasteners and the wooden pillows are simple to connect, easy to lay and maintain, easy to transport, and have a large coefficient of friction between the wooden pillows and the crushed stone turnouts. However, the disadvantage is short service life and large amount of wood is consumed. In order to effectively extend the service life, wood sleepers generally need to be used after oiling and anti-corrosion.

Anti-corrosion Sleeper Oil Injection Method

Pressure management requires sophisticated plant equipment. There are 3 commonly used pressure treatment methods: a complete injection method (for treating wood with sodium fluoride water-soluble preservative), a semi-quantitative injection method (for treating Korean pine, larch, etc.) and a quantitative injection method (for treatment). Masson pine, eucalyptus, etc.).

Steaming TankSteaming Tank
Sterilize TankSterilize Tank

Quantitative Injection Method:

The quantitative injection method is the same: the 25-35% water content of the wood is sealed in steaming tank; the pre-charged pressure of 3 atmospheres is first applied; then the mixed oil of 100-120 ° C is placed, and then pressurized at 12 atmospheres; maintain proper oil pressure for a while, vacuum the tank, and escape air or steam inside the wood. At this time, pressure is applied to hydraulically push the medicine into the depth of the wood. Its advantages are short time, high output, good quality, and preservatives, disadvantage is that equipment investment is extremely large and needs to be processed in factories with good equipment conditions.

Wood Sleeper Product Specifications

Ordinary sleepers: width 220mm; thickness 160mm; length 2500mm; ballast sleepers (ordinary): width 220mm; thickness 160mm; length 2600~4850mm, 150mm carry, a total of 16 length specifications; ballast sleepers (standard): width 240mm; thickness 160mm Length 2600~4800mm, with 200mm carry, a total of 12 length specifications; bridge sleepers: width 220mm; thickness 240, 260, 280, 300mm; length 3000mm.

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