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500 meters seamless rail production and delivery

First 500 Meters Steel Rail

With the rapid development of the railway, these rails were gradually replaced by 500-meter-long steel rails to meet the high-speed train demand. Let us first learn how the 25-meter and 100-meter steel rails "transformed" into 500 meters.

Seamless Steel Rail Welding

Seamless Steel Rail Welding

“The welding machine heats the adjacent ends of the two rails to more than 1000 degrees by means of resistance heating, and then extrusion welding.” At present, the 500m long and long seamless rails used are actually five 100 meters long. The rails are welded in the welding rail workshop.

Rail Inspection

The welded rails are straightened, finished, and non-destructively tested by the flatness of the flatness. The welding head needs to enter the flaw detection process, and the inside of the welding head is scanned and diagnosed, just like a doctor makes a “B-ultrasound” for the patient.

Seamless Steel Rail Inspection

Finished Steel Rail Storage

500 Meter Long Steel Rail Storage

Long Rail Transportation

Long Rail Transportation
500 meters long Rail Lifting

The rails being hoisted are too long to look like soft “noodles” and they are about to embark on a new “journey”

This is a special long-track train that transports 500 long rails. The long rails are transported to the construction site.

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